Why invest in quality furniture?

Posted by John Tokatlidis

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Having worked with Monte for over a decade it should come as no surprise that I will recommend spending a few extra dollars to purchase an upholstered rocking chair, glider or bed from Monte Design ahead of anywhere else. Today’s marketplace has become flooded with low-cost low-quality chairs, some of which are modelled on Monte’s aesthetic and design. As a consumer when faced with the question of what brand to buy, it is important to take a closer look before making your decision.

Made in Canada

One of the more important factors to consider when purchasing a glider or rocker (or anything for that matter) is where it’s made. Why? Safety and quality. Not only are goods often made more cheaply when they’re manufactured outside of North America or Europe, but they may also be manufactured under fewer safety regulations. Headlines exposing asbestos in crayons or lead paint in toys are examples of the lack of attention given to these matters

At Monte Design not only are our products fully manufactured in Canada, but even the materials that we use are sourced in Canada, U.S.A or Europe.
Here’s a list of the major materials that are used in Monte products and where they come from.

  • Wooden Frame: Made in Canada
  • Glider Mechanism: Made in U.S.A
  • High Gauge Springs: Made in U.S.A
  • Cotton/Linen & Wool Fabrics: Made in Italy
  • Wooden Base: Made in Canada
  • Water-Based Glue: Made in Netherlands
  • High Density Foam: Made in Canada

It’s helpful to take a deeper look at some of these materials to better understand our manufacturing choices in creating a high quality and safe product:

Why invest in quality nursery furniture?

Foam: All foam is not created equal. There is high density high grade foam vs low density low grade foam, locally made foam vs imported foam, FR foam vs non-FR Foam (flame retardant). They may all look the same and feel the same, but their cost, performance and safety vary significantly. A lower cost foam may flatten like a pancake after short-term use while a more expensive foam will perform well through the next couple decades. At Monte the foam is always high grade high density 2.5lb foam, is locally made and is free of any flame-retardant chemicals. If you’re buying a cheap glider, you’re probably getting cheap foam.

Fabric: Monte offers customers a range of Oeko-Tex 100 certified fabric options including stain-resistant water repellent polyester fabrics and Italian made natural cotton/linen fabrics and wool blends. For those looking for a premium and natural option the cotton/linen fabrics are a great choice – not typically available on low-cost, low-quality gliders or rockers.

Water-Based Glue: Using water-based glue reflects the ethical standards Monte lives by. Water-based glues are the more environmentally responsible and healthy choice. Using eco-friendly water-based glues ensures that our skilled workers perform in a cleaner and safer working environment and ensures that the final user receives a safe product.

Wooden Frame: One of the great things about working with local frame makers is that we can carefully monitor our inventory to ensure that it always meets our high standards for quality. That way every finished product is made with a strong foundation. And all the wood we use meets the requirements of the LEED Rating System for wood adhesives (no urea formaldehyde added), and the glue used in frame construction is water-based and biodegradable.

Skilled Labor: One of our greatest achievements has been building a team of highly skilled upholsterers, sewers and warehouse workers. We are confident that our team is second to none in their skill and that Monte sets the bar very high for producing a quality product. The details on our final products include:

  • Top-Stitch sewing. Most competitors will produce gliders and rockers using a single stitch that takes half the time, and has less than half the strength
  • Solid sides and back. Next time you’re checking out a competitor’s glider or rocker, knock on the sides and back of the chair. They’re typically hollow. Monte chairs incorporate more frame with finished sides and back. 
  • Bench-made upholstery. Our skilled upholsterers take their time producing each piece and the quality shows in the end product. The upholstery is tight and difficult to pinch. Competitor gliders and rockers are often made much looser, reflecting less time and energy in manufacturing. 

When one considers the cost that goes into producing a Canadian-made glider or rocker, using highly skilled workers, and incorporating Canadian, U.S. or European made materials, $1000 is great value for your dollar. Buying cheap low-quality goods will often cost you more in the long run.