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Now that we can open our windows and daylight lasts longer, cleaning our homes is naturally easier.

1. It reduces allergens in the home
Excessive pollen, allergens and dust in the home can cause allergy sensitivities and respiratory challenges to flair up. How can we reduce the allergens?

a) One of the simplest ways to start reducing allergens in the home is to remove your outdoor shoes when you arrive home. Throw on a pair of indoor slippers or designated indoor shoes to keep dirt and dust from entering your home.

b) Vacuuming and dusting the places that normally may get ignored (think high shelves, the top of the fridge, or upholstered furniture) These places can accumulate a lot of dust. Use a vacuum, swiffer duster, or damp cloth to get rid of the excess allergens.

Spring cleaning - It reduces allergens in the home

Spring cleaning - It’s therapeutic

2. It’s therapeutic
Cleaning and organizing are methodical and productive, providing a sense of accomplishment and order.

When things we can’t control feel overwhelming (like bad weather or politics — to name a few!), being able to control our own surroundings can offer us a sense of calm and accomplishment. Organizing and cleaning a once disheveled space can be therapeutic and can help us feel more at peace in our own homes.

3. It gets us ready for summer
Summer naturally lends itself to increased gatherings and entertaining because of the additional outdoor time. Spring cleaning allows us a jump start on cleaning out and cleaning up our home. Decluttering, sorting and purging all those piles now (that accumulated over the winter) will encourage you to have impromptu drop-ins and fun gatherings at your home.

Spring cleaning - It gets us ready for summer

Spring cleaning - We may find things we've been missing!

4. We may find things we've been missing!
Have you ever hidden a gift or an important item, only for it to go missing indefinitely? One year, as I began my spring cleaning, I found something that had been missing for months — our passports!

Cleaning and sorting those forgotten shelves or baskets of stuff may uncover important missing items!


All of our Monte products should be cleaned on an as-needed basis.

For spring, we suggest:

1.Vacuum all upholstered furniture (suction only, no beater bar).
2. Wipe down any metal or wood bases with a clean, damp cloth.
3. Spot clean any markings on your upholstery
- Mix 1-2 drops of clear soap with 1 Cup tepid water (stir until tiny bubbles appear)
- Dampen a clean white cloth with the soap mixture.
- Gently wipe the spot with circular motions until spot is removed.
- PLEASE NOTE: For cotton-linen, extend the circular wiping beyond the spot in order to blend the fabric. DO NOT scrub harshly only in one spot, or fabric may fade.
- Use a clean dampened cloth (water only) to wipe away soap mixture.
- Blot away any excess moisture with a clean dry cloth.
- Air dry. Keep furniture out of direct sunlight.
4. For all removable cushion covers:
- Wash in cold water inside out and remove promptly when finished.
- Lay flat to dry.
- TIP: Do not leave cover wet in the washing machine.
5. For heavily soiled areas, please consult a professional upholstery cleaner.

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