The Dorma Bed: Assembly 101

Posted by Danielle Ott

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Your child’s first “big kid” bed should be a special one. The modern, fully upholstered Dorma Bed will have them excited for bed time every night. Best part for mum & dad? You won’t be pulling your hair out trying to assemble it. Ain’t no body got time for that! In less then 10 minutes you’ll have a fully assembled, ready to sleep in bed for your not-so-little one. We’ve already attached all the hardware so no tools are required. Simply secure the pieces using a click-in latch system.


  1. Hold headboard upright in desired location. (Two people will make this job much easier!)
  2. Hold the side rail perpendicular to the headboard and slip its 2 bracket screws into the 2 interlocking keyholes on the headboard. The side rail must have dowels facing upward.
    PLEASE NOTE: The 2 bracket screws MUST be pushed down diagonally into the narrow part of the 2 keyholes
    TODDLER GUARD RAIL: If you are installing our Toddler Guard Rail, it will be in lieu of the other side rail.
  3. Repeat step 2 for the other side rail and footboard. To secure the bed, please ensure all side rails have their bracket screws in the narrow part of the keyholes.
  4. Place each wood slat perpendicular to side rails, ensuring that the holes of slats fit onto dowels of side rail.
  5. Place your mattress (not included) on the slats. Now you can rest!
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